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Personal resources are given to each of us, and our true, inner passion is to open them completely.

But are there enough of them now? Can I open them even more? Do I accept the opportunity to open and use them?

Resources are in our soul — if we feel them, we can reach and touch them, feel the experience of our soul and let them bloom.

There are conscious resources, but also hidden (not disclosed) in the depths of our personality, and also in our roles — a man and woman, mother, father, friend, husband, wife, etc.

Resources are our knowledge. Resources are also around us in nature. The sea is the freedom of a soul.

The elements of nature and movement temper us, clean and prepare for the future. One of the blessings on earth is personally working on these issues and developing them into the circle. That is why we, at Passion Academy, take this initiative — to be healed, to learn and to know!

Join one of our future events to work on your personal resources!