Live With a Sparkle in Your Eyes

Live With a Sparkle in Your Eyes

Do you often find yourself saying: “I just want to live like those movie characters — whose eyes always shine and they seem to have succeeded in life”?

Want to get a new spark in life, restart yourself, discover your potential and find new resources? Want to make new friends, and take your soul on an unprecedented adventure? This course is for you!

Anna Lieckalniņa — Emotional Abuse RescueUnder the guidance of our mentor, founder Anna Lieckalnina, we will:

  • strengthen each other
  • discover our resources and the dormant potential
  • get to challenge new heights
  • get a sparkle in the eyes and start the summer with new power


Course Details

We’ll see each other once a week, for 10 live online video group sessions.

The duration of each session is 2-3 hours, which will fly by quickly — the participants usually feel like a session was 5 minutes long. Special attention and time will be given to each participant in the group.

One session price is €40, including special tasks for each individual. You will be provided a payment link before each session.

The number of participants is limited because each one is important and each will be given individual time and attention.

Confidentiality and respect for one another are the basic rules of group members.

Course Content

Total learning: 10 lessons Time: 10 weeks
  • Group Sessions  This course contents of 10 live online video sessions in the group of 10 students — one session per week. 0/10

    • Lecture1.1
    • Lecture1.2
    • Lecture1.3
    • Lecture1.4
    • Lecture1.5
    • Lecture1.6
    • Lecture1.7
    • Lecture1.8
    • Lecture1.9
    • Lecture1.10

English Group Times ????????

English Group Sessions will start on April 8, 2020 — and take place once a week from 5:30 PM to 8 PM CET.


Anna Lieckalniņa

Master of Theology, Master of Ericsson Hypnoses, Gestalt psychotherapist, Esoteric, New Energy welcomer.

Online, with the same great quality. Technologies now allow us to do it remotely, no matter which part of the world you are.

Eastern European Summer Time / Time zone in Latvia (GMT+3)

Individual session days and time: Tuesday - Thursday from 11:00 - 17:00


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