Individual Session

Individual Session
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Individual time with mentor, professional is gold worth time and investment in Yourself, in Your personal growth and in Your life.
It’s a time devoted to the client to raise their standard of living.
Individual therapy is a process that is respected by both the client and the mentor.

Two people are involved in this process and privacy and confidentiality are one of the main conditions – what is said in the “cabinet” remains there.

Anna Lieckalniņa

I work with clients using all my knowledge both classical and esoteric, adding my personal experience, energy, and intuition. In my life I have gone through many different stages: family issues, love flights, glory peaks, deep depression, world trips, co-addiction (co-independence), etc. I’ve fallen and risen again and again. I know how it is when there is a need for help and support, so I do my job with great love and an open heart. I work with adults and young people.

  1. to recover their inner selves;
  2. to discover new personal resources;
  3. in difficulties of personal life;
  4. to find a balance of happiness and inner harmony;
  5. to get out and get rid of destructive relationships, and to recover from them – toxic parents, adverse (violent, abusive, co-addictive) personal relations, mobbing, etc.;
  6. to flourish in femininity,
  7. to answer questions through hypnosis and trance, also taking into account “lessons of past lives”;
  8. to discover your passionate You!

I started my path of personal growth when I was 19 years old, took my first client, and led the first group as a teacher (NLP mentor) when I was 21.

Book an online Individual Session with your personal mentor Anna Lieckalnina.

Choose your own topic Let’s talk about what’s on your mind. Let’s bring your passion out. Let’s utilize your full potential and customize it to your own path.

    Discovering Your Resources

    Life Happiness Formula

    Finding Time for Yourself

    I Want to Flourish in my Femininity

    I Want to Meet My Other Half

    Where is My Confidence?!

    I’m a Child of Addicted Parents

    You Name It

    Eastern European Summer Time
    Time zone in Latvia (GMT+3)

    Individual session days and time:
    Tuesday – Thursday from 11:00 – 17:00

    Course Content

    Total learning: 1 lesson Time: 55 minutes
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    Anna Lieckalniņa

    Master of Theology, Master of Ericsson Hypnoses, Gestalt psychotherapist, Esoteric, New Energy welcomer.

    Online, with the same great quality. Technologies now allow us to do it remotely, no matter which part of the world you are.

    Eastern European Summer Time / Time zone in Latvia (GMT+3)

    Individual session days and time: Tuesday - Thursday from 11:00 - 17:00


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    €60.00 €50.00