The Happiness Formula

The Happiness Formula
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How to be happy?!

A question that meddles in the head and the heart again and again. Shelves full of books, courses, and mentors — each advise a different thing! How to stay on top of this information flow? Which of the concepts to use as a base, and which one truly brings a result?

There is The Happiness Formula in my possession, the formula created some 70 years ago by 2 scientists who were researching the happiest and the most successful people in the world, and concluded what do they have in common.

Personally, I am familiar with this formula for 16 years now. All of those years I have been bringing the formula with me, and I have to admit it helps me tremendously: I am able to reach my happiness balance, and I come back to the formula to adjust it at any time.

I run seminars on the topic of happiness, and let me tell you that every time I dig deeper into the formula, it positively surprises me more and more.

If the formula sounds like something interesting to you, join me for this course, and we will discover it together, anew — by adjusting it specifically for your situation.

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Time: 2 weeks
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Anna Lieckalniņa

Master of Theology, Master of Ericsson Hypnoses, Gestalt psychotherapist, Esoteric, New Energy welcomer.

Online, with the same great quality. Technologies now allow us to do it remotely, no matter which part of the world you are.

Eastern European Summer Time / Time zone in Latvia (GMT+3)

Individual session days and time: Tuesday - Thursday from 11:00 - 17:00


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