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Directions Private Change Mastery Program  NEW! €189.00
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Directions Private Change Mastery Program NEW!

July 20, 2020 / No Comments

Directions “Every end is a new beginning,” Rainis once said, and we know he’s right. Just as it is true, we always have more than one choice, more than one solution and more than one direction to go. This course is for You if you are at the crossroads of…

Passion Academy
Sale Live With a Sparkle in Your Eyes €40.00 €30.00
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Live With a Sparkle in Your Eyes

March 21, 2020 / No Comments

Do you often find yourself saying: “I just want to live like those movie characters — whose eyes always shine and they seem to have succeeded in life”? Want to get a new spark in life, restart yourself, discover your potential and find new resources? Want to make new friends,…

€40.00 €30.00
Anna Lieckalniņa
Sale Individual Session €60.00 €50.00
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Individual Session

March 11, 2020 / No Comments

Individual time with mentor, professional is gold worth time and investment in Yourself, in Your personal growth and in Your life.It’s a time devoted to the client to raise their standard of living.Individual therapy is a process that is respected by both the client and the mentor.Two people are involved…

€60.00 €50.00
Anna Lieckalniņa
Sale Finding Time for Yourself €40.00 €30.00
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Finding Time for Yourself

February 14, 2020 / No Comments

Tired of the rat race? (And it’s just 11 AM). In today’s fast-paced environment, it often happens that there is more to be done than seems possible. This rush is like the beginning of an avalanche effect that leads to other troubles as a logical follow-up — lack of time…

€40.00 €30.00
Anna Lieckalniņa