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Anna Lieckalniņa is proudly run by Anna Lieckalniņa — a Master of Theology and Ericksonian Hypnosis, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Esoteric, new energy welcomer.

Anna has earned the Certified Master Hypnotist (CMH) in Ericksonian Hypnosis at World University for Development of Science, Education and Society in Brussels, Belgium. She also holds a Master degree in Theology from the University of Latvia and a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship, specializing in Travel Organization.

Previously, Anna was a model — having worked in Latvia and Russia, had contracts with model agencies in Italy and Miami, USA.

She is a former media personality, a veejay and a well-known local TV show anchor and participant, also trying her hand at filmmaking, producing and movie acting.

A mother of two children, Anna likes active lifestyle, rides a motorbike, likes to sail, loves wind, sea and ocean.

Into beach volleyball, she attends gym since 12 years old. As she says herself — “I am for doing and for enjoying life!”.

Indeed, Practicing Joy has been Anna’s motto and the way of life, which she is eager to share with you at

Anna Lieckalniņa, biography

Anna has guided multiple individual and group sessions on a variety of topics throughout the years. View some of the topics Anna takes special pride in below.

Discovering Your Resources

Life Happiness Formula

Finding Time for Yourself

I Want to Flourish in my Femininity

I Want to Meet My Other Half

Where is My Confidence?!

I'm a Child of Addicted Parents

You Name It

The groups Anna leads are usually resource-rich, and at the end of the course the participants feel a solemn uplift, a surge of positive energy, discover new resources and regain their joy of life. Anna says there is a special magic to it.

Additionally, there is usually a lot of humor and Anna sees it as one of the tools for effective recovery, but it all comes naturally of course.

Anna has also run a support group for moms with special needs and you won’t believe it — we’ve got great results there too!

Whatever the topic of the group, it always allows the “right people” to meet and become the support and the resource for everyone else and themselves.

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There are many more topics Anna has touched on — and we are making them available for you online at

Anna has appeared in various media features and magazine covers. View some of them below.