Behind every Champion stands a trainer. Who is behind You? offers to discover yourself at a new and passionate energy level. We work by highlighting the uniqueness of each person and working with an individual approach.

We have developed a 3-step strategy that helps you reach your full potential and personal manifestation.

The action of the academy is based on 3 basic postulates

Holism (the idea that a human is a whole system – body and spirit/ soul),

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Each person is unique,

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Energy and going forward!

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We take care of our clients, nurture and guide them through a soul renewing process – group lessons, individual therapy and ultimately invite to a big annual rendezvous – a particularly empowering and healing retreat. offers to choose your mentor for individual and personal growth, the next stage is group therapy under the supervision of trainers and mentors, and the third big step is a particularly powerful and unique retreat in a beautiful place somewhere in the world, bringing together human and natural resources. works with experts and specialists in their fields from all around the world to offer the very best quality service to our clients!

Become more positive

Brighten up your life

Let your heart beat stronger

Follow your desired path selects mentors by following signs:


Good client reviews

Sparkling eyes

Great experience

A good sense of humor

Positive energy

Loves to work with people

Open – hearted,

Is developing and improving all the time,

We choose mentors that we believe are kissed by God.

Anna Lieckalniņa founder is a well-known personality in Latvia, Anna Lieckalnina, who has developed this unique approach and program. Anna began her career as a master of Erikson hypnosis, conquered the hearts of viewers through the TV screen, leading major TV shows, and continued to educate herself in human personality improvement.

Join the movement and discover a new passionate You!